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APB Changelog
Now free of rubberbanding, dotted tracers, black water and MBT carpooling!

Posted by Pushwall
8 Jan 2017

APB Notice - Rubberbanding and Warping
We've received your reports of the increased server lag and corresponding warping. Thanks to the efforts of our scripts and coding team, we have found the fix and will implement it in the coming patch.

Posted by FRAYDO
7 Jan 2017

Monthly Avatar Theme - Pirates vs. Ninjas!
Happy New Year! And this month's theme is an oldie but a goodie: Pirates vs. Ninjas!

Posted by FRAYDO
4 Jan 2017

AR :: December 2016 Update
AR December Update

Posted by Apocalypse Rising Team
30 Dec 2016

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us to you!

Posted by FRAYDO
25 Dec 2016

APB Changelog
Improved aesthetics and the new map, Siege! Get the APB update!

Posted by Pushwall
16 Dec 2016

A Game Night Beyond III
This Saturday! December 17th! Game Night!

Posted by FRAYDO
12 Dec 2016

APB Dev. Blog :: December 11th, 2016
Siege developer notes by Raap. Come see the completed project!

Posted by FRAYDO
11 Dec 2016

Monthly Avatar Theme - Christmas Time Is Here
Dear friends, it's that time of the year again! Christmas time is here! Time for joy and time for cheer! ♫

Posted by FRAYDO
1 Dec 2016

AR :: November 2016 Update
Come have a look at the new Apocalypse Rising November Update! Good things packed inside!

Posted by Apocalypse Rising Team
21 Nov 2016

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W3D Hub

W3D Hub is a community where you can download and play Command & Conquer First Person Shooters and some other games based on the W3D engine. They are not demos and not pay-to-win.

The games are 100% free for everyone to play.

The site has been founded by several prominent members of the W3D modding community and will provide a range of services to our members regardless of their game and community affiliations.

W3D Hub Launcher

The W3D Hub launcher is a one-stop shop for your W3D gaming needs, providing game downloads and automatic updating, an integrated server browser, centralized management of in-game options and many other features. As one of our core products we will continue to evolve this service and add new and exciting features in the future, such as a server chat lobby and buddy lists.

W3D Hub Stats

Whilst we appreciate that many communities and servers already run their own stats service, we believe there is still a great deal more that can be done to improve stats in the W3D community. To this end we are developing a brand new stats system which is more tightly coupled with the game server engine and provides more in depth stats than ever before, all linked directly to your W3DHub user account regardless of which username you choose to use in-game, or even which server you play in (as long as they run our stats system, optionally alongside their own). Whilst many of the details are still being worked on and finalized, here is a short list of the features we are hoping to offer:

  • Cross-game stats integrated into a single stats profile
  • Detailed breakdown of stats on a per game, per map, per team or even per match level for any player
  • Achievements linked directly to in-game actions
  • Rich support for clans (aggregating clan stats from all members, both in total and average per player)
  • Leaderboards for both individuals and clans
  • Query interface for generating signature images / integrating into your own community website (example usage: host a competition and track scores based on game sessions in your own servers)

Server Deployment

Also in development is a new server deployment tool which will allow server hosts to install, update and manage their servers and the bots which are installed upon them. More details on this will be announced once they are available.

Tiberian Sun: Reborn

Welcome back, Commander! Tiberian Sun: Reborn lives!

Utilizing the classic W3D Sage engine that powers the iconic Command & Conquer: Renegade, Tiberian Sun: Reborn is a standalone full-conversion platform that offers first-person shooter action in the Tiberian Sun universe.

Ever wanted to terrify your enemies while at the controls of a Mammoth Mk. II? Ever dream about laying waste to your foes from the cockpit of a Banshee? Ever wonder what it might be like to go on the offensive as a Cyborg Commando? Now you can, with Tiberian Sun: Reborn!


September 2, 2030: Thought to have been killed at the end of the First Tiberium War, Kane, leader of the infamous Brotherhood of Nod, makes contact with Global Defense Initiative leadership via communique relayed to the GDI orbiting space station, Philadelphia. "It would be a sad error in judgment to mistake me for a corpse!" His declaration and proof of life initiated a blitzkrieg and triggered the Second Tiberium War.

Both the Global Defense Initiative and the newly reformed Brotherhood of Nod are now locked in a gladiatorial struggle for global supremacy, more furiously than they were thirty years ago. The face of war has completely changed: Tiberium now fuels a wide host of weaponry, walking mechanized armored vehicles shake the earth with their march, and sophisticated aircraft scream through the skies as both sides do battle for dominance. But even so, the individual combat soldier will determine the fate of humanity.

While the Brotherhood fights with all its fury to realize Kane's "Great Plan" of transforming the Earth into a Tiberium paradise, the Global Defense Initiative continues to resist and strike hard against their extremist enemies so as to secure peace and world order.

Meanwhile, an indigenous force known as "The Forgotten" has emerged from the shadows and trenches of the war zones. Labeled as outcasts, vagrants, and criminals and treated as such by society, these survivors of Tiberium exposure are more mutant than human. Confined to the fringes of society, these men and women have banded together to engage those thought to be a threat to their homes and their lives, and will help determine the course of this war.

So suit up, soldier! To arms, brothers! "Command & Conquer" lives on forever more!

-White Wolf/Commander A9


Expansive Civilian Warfare

Expansive Civilian Warfare (ECW) is a free for all game where you can buy houses, drive cars, fight the police, survive disasters and make a living for yourself. It also has side games that allow you to fight mutants and even hunt wildlife.


  • A massive land that's 100,000 x 150,000 meters to explore.
  • Over 100 different weapons and items.
  • Over 47 different player controllable vehicles which include: Tanks, Cars, Boats, Helicopters, Jets, Mechanical Walkers and more.
  • Jobs: Fishing, Cashier, Train Conductor, Police Officer and more, to make it easy for the player to make money.
  • Smart AI that can drive vehicles, form teams, and decide if they like a player or not based on the players actions.
  • Houses that can be bought by the player, and be customized to their liking.
  • A cell phone system, which is one of the most useful pieces of equipment in ECW. It allows the transfer of money into the bank; the ability to "call" other players; the option to buy houses, vehicles, and weapons; trigger certain weapons; and many other things!
  • An inventory system that the engine had previously never seen the likes of. When a player dies, they keep all of their weapons for their next life.
  • When you get tired of that, a Mutant Assault mode, which comes with its own surprises and fun!
  • And many more things that wouldn't fit this list!

Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising

Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising brings Westwood Studios' popular real time strategy game, C&C: Red Alert 2 into the FPS perspective.

You will be able to experience, first hand, what it feels like to fill the boots of an Allied GI battling the communist might of the Soviet Union, or a Soviet Conscript vowing to take back what was lost to the Allies during the first great war.
Classic units return such as the versatile Allied IFV to the mighty Soviet Apocalypse Assault Tank to the gargantuan Allied Aircraft Carrier to the mad Giant Squids. This game features all of the units and structures for the Allied and Soviet sides from both RA2 and the Yuri's Revenge Expansion.

The Apocalypse is Rising Commander. Are you prepared for it?

Soviet Base

Battle For Dune: War of Assassins

Set in the Dune universe, this free indie game aims to turn Emperor: Battle For Dune into a first/third person shooter. More features are on the way, such as spice fields, capture buildings and explorable vehicles.

The Emperor is dead. The Guild has taken over the spice production on Arrakis until another great house claims it. Three great houses remain after the long fighting on Arrakis. The noble Atreides, the evil Harkonnen and the insidious Ordos. All three houses are after control of Arrakis, for control of the Spice and for control of the known universe.

Drive a Buzzsaw across the wastelands of Gidei Prime, hover across the ice and snow of Draconis 4 in a Laser Tank, pilot a Ornithopter over the grassy plains of Caladan or rush over sand dunes as a Fremen on Arrakis!

Red Alert: A Path Beyond

Red Alert: A Path Beyond aims to recreate Westwood Studios' classic hit, Red Alert, as a first person shooter.

The History

1946. Mankind has just suffered one of the most brutal wars it ever faced. While the rest of the world is still rebuilding, a scientist of unmatched genius by the name of Albert Einstein decides to act. With a device he was engineering at a secret research center in Trinity, New Mexico, he travels back in time to kill the person who he sees as the root of all misery: Adolf Hitler. He catches up with Hitler in 1926 and disposes of him without thoroughly considering the consequences, as time will soon tell.
It's now the 1950s. World War II never happened -- at least, not yet. Germany remains a peace-loving country with close ties to other European nations, now facing increased tensions with Russia under Josef Stalin's rule. In order to realize the glorious Marxist dream he has envisioned, Stalin mobilizes the forces of the USSR. His goal? The conquest of Europe. The nations under threat form the Alliance that seeks to put an end to this madman's nightmare before he can see to its completion. The Great World War II has begun.

Game Features

  • Steamroll over Europe with the high-powered arsenal of the Soviets or repel the invasion with the technological superiority and cunning of the Allied Forces in a team-based FPS inspired by Westwood Studios' hit real-time strategy game, C&C Red Alert.
  • Wage warfare on the land and in air with units ranging from Mammoth Tanks and Chinooks to Phase Tanks and Longbows.
  • Pacifist? Repair your base as an Engineer, support the war effort as a Medic or Mechanic, or infiltrate the enemy stronghold and steal intelligence or assets with Spies and Thieves.

Beyond the Path video series


E4: Stop falling Be-Hind


E1: The woods yesterday


E2: Rise of the reds


E3: Cabin fever

Game teasers


Tiberian Sun Reborn Teaser


AR: Game Test


ECW: Trailer

Apocalypse Rising models

Apocalypse Rising concepts

Game Teasers


Tiberian Sun: Reborn Teaser


AR: Game Test


ECW: Trailer

Release Videos


A Path Beyond Release


Tiberian Sun: Reborn Release

Beyond The Path Series


E1: The woods yesterday


E2: Rise of the reds


E3: Cabin fever


E4: Stop falling Be-Hind


Apocalypse Rising models

Apocalypse Rising concepts

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