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Maps added to the server

Just a quick note to mention that Timeau's maps are back on the server because he's updated them to be compatible with the latest version of Reborn!
All you need to do to get the new versions is join the server, since the maps will be downloaded automatically when needed.
The maps that are now back in rotation again are: OmegaCity, Tiber and Dam.

Posted by triattack

RA2:AR Beta 4 Testing Video

Beta 4 testing has recently kicked off, so VERTi60 has recorded some neat footage from the latest playtest! This is the first of many smaller updates to come in the future!Here's the video; we hope you enjoy it!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmPgGrsCl1wFeel free to ask questions and leave comments!...

Posted by One Winged Angel

W3D Hub tester hiring results

Hello everyone! It took a little bit longer than anticipated but we've decided on who to hire for our testing team.
Those who have been hired are:
Congratulations to all of you! If you cannot yet visit our testing forums, don't worry, your permissions will be sorted out soon!
To those who didn't make the cut, don't...

Posted by Nodlied

Tiberian Sun Reborn Teaser Video

Here's a teaser video I've made for Tiberian Sun Reborn!
Expect a couple more informative videos for Tiberian Sun: Reborn and a number of other W3D Hub projects in the future!  I'll be discussing the overall gameplay, mechanics, and development of Tiberian Sun Reborn in the next video!

Posted by Zee Hypnotist

HOT FIX is out!

We have got a nice hotfix out to fix a few issue we had with last weeks patch. Can't wait to hear your feed back and to see you in game. More details and full change log here

Posted by Wallywood

Announcing Red Alert 3: Armageddon!

When we started W3D Hub, one of our goals was to eventually make every C&C game (excluding C&C4) into fun, addictive and polished first person shooters. There has been a lot of community desire for us to make this project, so we have decided that now is the time to announce it!
Red Alert 3: Armageddon is a tactical shooter on the W3D Engine that aims to recreate the atmosphere and ...

Posted by One Winged Angel

Patch Hotfix

Hey everyone, Well as you all may know we released a rather large patch this weekend that included a lot of new content.  It was a bit ruff at the start but we managed to clean up the main issues fairly quickly, BUT because of this speedy fix a lot of things didn't make it in or weren't balanced correctly. So we jumped right back into LE and hashed out a hot fix patch that will be correcting ...

Posted by Wallywood


Patch Changes

Ion storm- are now off
Engineers have Hackcases now 
Engineers can only hack at MCTs
MRV has a secondary that damages enemy Vehicles 
Buff for health armor for Ocra Trans,Devils Tongue,Stealth Tanks
DT's flames do more damage to buildings 
Random Unit sounds added for all inf. for Purchased, hurt, death

Posted by Wallywood

W3D Tutorials now public

Hello citizens of the W3D world!Today is the day when we open the gates of the W3D Tutorials section of the forum to everyone. We promised a tutorials database back in February when the website has launched and we have achieved just that. This new forum area will hopefully help everyone who is looking to learn how to use the W3D Engine!

About the tutorials

Back in 2002, when C&C Re...

Posted by moonsense715

Apocalypse Rising Overdue Update!

Well, hello again everyone. It's been just over a year since we've done one of these, which is pretty bad on our part, but hopefully you'll forgive us in lieu of the wealth of AR info that we're going to be offering today.
A lot has happened since the last update; Apocalypse Rising now has a new home at W3D Hub, a new development environment which is already doing the job of proving to our...

Posted by Apocalypse Rising Team

W3D Hub Supported Games

You can play the released games using the W3D Hub Launcher.

Released Games

  • Tiberian Sun: Reborn

Upcoming Games

  • Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising
  • Battle For Dune: War of Assassins
  • C&C Tiberium

W3D Hub

We are pleased to announce a new modding and community hub for all W3D games and associated spin-off games. The site has been founded by several prominent members of the W3D modding community and will provide a range of services to our members regardless of their game and community affiliations.

W3D Hub Launcher

The W3D Hub launcher is a one-stop shop for your W3D gaming needs, providing game downloads and automatic updating, an integrated server browser, centralized management of in-game options and many other features.As one of our core products we will continue to evolve this service and add new and exciting features in the future, such as a server chat lobby and buddy lists.

W3D Hub Stats

Whilst we appreciate that many communities and servers already run their own stats service, we believe there is still a great deal more that can be done to improve stats in the W3D community.To this end we are developing a brand new stats system which is more tightly coupled with the game server engine and provides more in depth stats than ever before, all linked directly to your W3DHub user account regardless of which username you choose to use in-game, or even which server you play in (as long as they run our stats system, optionally alongside their own).Whilst many of the details are still being worked on and finalized, here is a short list of the features we are hoping to offer:

  • Cross-game stats integrated into a single stats profile
  • Detailed breakdown of stats on a per game, per map, per team or even per match level for any player
  • Achievements linked directly to in-game actions
  • Rich support for clans (aggregating clan stats from all members, both in total and average per player)
  • Leaderboards for both individuals and clans
  • Query interface for generating signature images / integrating into your own community website (example usage: host a competition and track scores based on game sessions in your own servers)

Server Deployment

Also in development is a new server deployment tool which will allow server hosts to install, update and manage their servers and the bots which are installed upon them. More details on this will be announced once they are available.

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